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Sponsorship / Advertising

ILS’s web page offers a wide range of advertising opportunities from banner ads to sponsorships. These opportunities are customized to meet a particular corporation's or product's branding strategy. Advertising and sponsorship revenue is used to support the Independent Living Services community and education programs which are not funded by government sources.

Advertising/sponsorship criteria (Criteria subject to change without notice)

Advertising that may be allowed on the ILS website, provided certain criteria is met, this would include:

  • Corporate image advertising or corporate sponsorship
  • Accessibility Aids
  • Accessible Buildings and renovating
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Prescription drugs approved by the Health Canada
  • Non-medical or non-health-related consumer products and services
  • Consumer products with a potential health connection
  • Fitness products or services Medical products or devices
  • Pharmacies (retail and online)

Advertising/sponsorship criteria that must be met to allow the company to advertise/sponsor includes:

  1. Advertisement must not make a health claim for its product that is not clearly substantiated. Advertisers may be required to submit supporting documentation to substantiate claims.
  2. No implication of endorsement by ILS of product or advertiser may be made.
  3. Independent Living Services retains final approval of all sponsor/product messages, banners and advertising copy that are directly linked or adjacent to the content. This includes verification of advertisement content and placement before going "live." The advertisement, advertising icons and company logos must be displayed in such a way that they clearly are not part of the ILS site content.

ILS reserves the right to reject, cancel or remove at any time any advertisement from the ILS website for any reason. In such a case, ILS will provide prompt notice to the advertiser, together with an explanation. ILS also reserves the right to determine the appropriate placement of the advertisement on the website.

For inquiries about advertising and sponsorships, contact:
Dan McGale at 705-737-3263, ext. 224 or email



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