As a registered non-profit, charity, the Independent Living Services of Simcoe County & Area adheres to the policies and procedures established by Canada Customs & Revenue Agency, Ontario Ministry of Consumer & Corporate Affairs.

Our Association is based on a membership model of community members who purchase annual memberships in our Association. Membership is open to all community members over 18 years of age who have a physical disability or limitation, knows someone with a physical disability or limitation, or have an interest in supporting individuals with physical disabilities or limitations in Simcoe County.  Staff members can be non-voting members in the Association.

The Association has an Annual General Meeting each year where individual members are elected to the Board of Directors, based on the recommendations of the Nominating Committee. The Association’s By-laws dictate the terms of office on the Board and officer selection. The Board of Directors is charged with defining the future vision of the Association, establishing broad based goals and expectations for organizational performance and the evaluation of the organization against these goals.

The operational component of the Association is delegated tothe Executive Director for implementation, within parameters established by the Board of Directors.

The Association offers a number of community programs and services designed to assist individuals with physical disabilities to lead independent, productive and dignified lives in Simcoe County. We have a variety of funding sources, which support our Association in offering these services. Each of these service areas is directed by a Manager and delivered by a group of dedicated employees and volunteers of the Association.

ILS Organization Chart June 2020