We’re so proud of our team here at ILS. We know how important a sense of community is to life. This extends beyond our clients to our team. Because of our emphasis on holistic services, this is embodied in our employment and operations too.

You know as well as we do that respect and dignity for healthcare workers should not be limited to public health emergencies.

We take pride in our staff, providing specialized training in attendant care skills. This makes you not just a PSW, but an Attendant. Our Attendants get to help people live in their homes and in the community – you are having a real impact on peoples’ lives in their own communities, instead of in an institution. Attendants have more independence doing home calls and you get to leverage your professional judgement.

Taking care of our clients means taking care of our team. We offer competitive benefits like RRSP, paid mileage, company phones and PPE for all our staff. We also offer ongoing professional development training, such as first aid, dementia training and attendant care skills.

More than this, we are able to offer better job satisfaction. This field is for people who want to help people and make a real difference in peoples’ lives. At ILS, you get more time to build relationships with clients and your co-workers. We know how important it is to have a team that knows one another and supports one another. This is part of our holistic model.

Whether you’re looking to begin your career, or looking for a more grounded workplace, we’d love to meet you!

Engaging the community with information and resources to create more accessible and inclusive communities is incredibly rewarding. My coworkers at ILS are caring, compassionate and supportive of each other and our clients. I am proud of the impact our agency has had in Simcoe County for over 40 years and I look forward to a future of continued community collaboration to help people live independent lives with dignity and respect.
Christina Strong
Communications Coordinator
Employed at ILS for 15 years
I believe that the reason we are here on this earth, in communities, in service, is to watch over the other guy. That is why l work for ILS. The focus is always …how do we make it better for our clients and the staff. We remember that everyone no matter the disability, age or position, is to be treated with respect & kindness. Those aren’t just words pulled from some strategic plan…l see it in action every day and I’m proud of the work we do.
Christy Skelly
Community Engagement Coordinator
Employed at ILS for 13 years
I started working at Independent Living Services in 2001. I absolutely support everything ILS stands for. ILS has encouraged collaboration between staff and management, resulting in delivery of the best care possible for our clients. If I needed guidance or direction from my supervisor, it has been available… It is like having two families: work and home family. ILS offers competitive wages, and a decent benefit package for employees and their families. They have provided paid educational training to better enhance my skills, and knowledge as a frontline worker. I feel assured that ILS is providing me with all my needed P.P.E. and that all health and safety requirements are being followed.
Attendant Employed at ILS for 20 years