Independent Living Services of Simcoe County & Area provides a variety of volunteer opportunities that enhance services provided by the Association, and foster new initiatives to better serve the needs of persons with disabilities and limitations while promoting and recognizing volunteerism in our organization and communities throughout Simcoe County.

Each volunteer contributes to the organization, thereby assisting in the achievements of its purpose and mission. ILS volunteers make a positive change in their communities across Simcoe County and are a critical resource to our organization.


ILS’s Standards for Volunteer Involvement

  • The Board of Directors and Senior Management acknowledge and support the vital role of volunteers in achieving the organization’s purpose or mission;
  • Policies and procedures are adopted by ILS to provide a framework that defines and supports the involvement of volunteers;
  • A senior manager is designated to be responsible for the volunteer program;
  • A clearly communicated screening process is consistently applied;
  • Volunteer assignments address the purpose of the organization and involve volunteers in meaningful ways – reflecting their various abilities, needs and backgrounds;
  • Volunteer recruitment and selection reaches out to diverse sources of volunteers;
  • Volunteers receive an orientation to the organization, its policies and procedures, and receive training for their volunteer assignment;
  • Volunteers receive appropriate levels of supervision according to their task and are given regular opportunities to receive and give feedback;
  • Volunteers are welcomed and treated as valuable and integral members of the organization’s human resources;
  • The contributions of volunteers are regularly acknowledged with formal and informal recognition methods.

(Adopted from the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement)

Current ILS Volunteer Oportunities

ILS hosts a Bingo session every other Wednesday afternoon from 1:00-3:00pm. If you are interested in helping us out as a volunteer, please contact our Central Office at 705-737-3263. The funds raised through Bingo assist us to operate our public education, accessibility, and volunteer programs.

To become a valuable member of our team, please complete the following application and mail or fax it to the following:

Application for Volunteer Opportunities

Attn: ILS – Volunteer Department
1102-44 Cedar Pointe Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4N 5R7
To contact our Administration Office Tel: 705-737-3263,
Fax: 705-737-1874 or email


Please forward your letter of interest and resume and it will be considered when we next have opening on our board

Attn: Nominating Committee,
Independent Living Services of Simcoe County & Area
44 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit # 1102, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 5R7
Fax (705) 737-1874 or email