In June of 2005, Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act became law. Under this legislation, both public and private sectors must provide accessible customer service. The deadline for publicorganizations to provide training to staff and volunteers is January 1, 2010Private businesses have until January 1, 2012. Our programs will allow you to comply with the training requirements for accessible customer service.

Introductory “I’m A Person First”: Disability Awareness Seminar

This 60 minute presentation enlightens and creates awareness on issues surrounding people with disabilities. Designed for all levels of staff and decision-makers, this program lays the foundation for compliance with the AODA.

Advanced “I’m A Person First”: Disability Sensitivity Workshop

Ideal for policy and decision-makers as well as front line staff, this highly interactive, cross-disability workshop challenges participants to explore the world of disability. Using simulation exercises coupled with our “stories”, participants discover the many barriers facing peole with disabilities while learning “tips” to effectively and confidently communicate with and serve people with disabilities.

Accessibility is the Law: The AODA and You!

As an introductory information session on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, participants receive up-to-date information on the Customer Service, Transportation, Information * communication, Employment, and Built Environment Standards under the AODA. Participants will recieve direction and tips on how to comply with those standards in order to become barrier free by 2025.